One of the main allure of the hungarian capital is the excellent night life and the amazing pubs in downtown. These pubs are called ruin pubs and are one of the main attractions of Budapest. The first of them were established almost 15 years ago. The city center had a lot of buildings in really bad shapes that were originally beautiful. So a few creative people turned the  disadvantage into a boon. They used the ruined style to completaly take over the pubs. Succes came after a few times. First the hungarian youth came to these new pubs and after that in the 2010’s came the tourists. Night life is great in the city but also very exhausting. So you should definataly find a suitable accomodation close to the city center, like an aparthotel. This can be your base when exploring the ruin pubs of Budapest. We only recommend that you don’t book a room close to the most frequented areas because they can be quite loud all night long.

ruin pubs of budapest

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