Being an international student in a foreign country is not as tough nowadays as it used to be. There are many opportunities in studying abroad such as getting an international degree, or just simply having more options for a good job. What’s more, renting a student room is also an option these days. Let’s see, why it is the best option of all.

renting a student hotel

Everything that young people need

A good student hotel in Budapest has everything that a student needs. First of all it is located in the center of the city, so everything is close to you. You can easily get to the store, library, restaurants or party places, because public transport is really good in the city center. An ideal student room has its own bathroom and kitchen. This way you don’t need to share one with all the students staying at the student hotel.

Beside the basic things like a desk, wardrobe os a comfy bed, a good student room has other ‘nice to have’ equipments. Like a physical kanban board on the wall or even an aircondition. The room also looks modern and trendy, so you can invite your friends without being embarassed.

Make friends by renting a student room

In an ideal student hotel there are public rooms where you can make friends, hang out with them or organize different events. It can give a lot of opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends.

Beside that it has a cool rooftop or a balcony where students can chill, have some chit-chats. Or even make there homeworks and study for the exams. On a sunny day doing these are better on a balcony than in a room.